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iLuminate - Electronic Dance Troupe

Since launching in 2009, iLuminate’s patented technology has been used in numerous performances by Grammy-winning superstars such as Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, The Black Eyed Peas, and David Guetta, among others.  It has also been featured on hit television shows including America’s Got Talent (in which the dance troupe took third place in Season 6), Dancing with the Stars and X Factor, as well as such awards shows as American Music Awards, MTV’s Video Music Awards, BET Awards, The Nickelodeon Awards, Billboard and Latin Billboard Awards, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Using a ray of light on a luminescent board to paint a picture, or so called Light Art, represents a unique graphic technology. Our studio represents the absolute top on a global scale when it comes to this particular discipline. We specialize in live performances. During these performances we are able to paint anything from simple drawings to realistic portraits right on the spot, in front of the audience. The drawings gradually disappear which creates unparalleled image animation.

We will design the live performance that will suit you. You can either choose from the catalogue of our standard performances or we can create a show based on your requirements. This graphic discipline is suitable for a whole range of occasions: sport events, corporate events, celebrations whether they take place indoors or outdoors. We provide an emotional show that is supported by live music and sound effects.


Whether it's an opening or closing routine to a general session, interstitial segments during an awards show or a full length after dinner show, Rhythm Extreme Routines are the perfect answer for any client seeking high-impact entertainment!  Rhythm Extreme's shows are filled with drumming, tapping, banging, slamming, spinning and burning beats!   Not only do we use real drums, but we also create our infectious beats with oil drums, trash cans, buckets, brooms, hockey sticks, prescription bottles, BBQ grills, forks, spoons and lots of other everyday ordinary objects.  Give us ANYTHING and we'll use it to make rhythm!


Light Force is the ultimate in visual corporate entertainment. While this act’s futuristic drum sticks, light up jackets and percussion boxes will amaze your audience, the real payoff is the customized lettering they reveal at the end of the number. Corporate logos, meeting themes, or personal names are all possible with Light Force.

Catapult - Shadow Dance Troupe

Rhythm Extreme truly is Corporate America's #1 Rhythmic group. Catapult’s talented drowancers transform their bodies into seemingly impossible images that are not only amazing to look at, but the images also tell a story. Catapult is highly in demand for corporate event entertainment and continues to preform at corporate events worldwide. Check out their video and you’ll hardly be able to believe what you’re seeing is the human body as it takes many forms and is guaranteed to delight your corporate audience.

Glee-like Vocal Group & Gospel Choir 

Clint Holmes performs Nation Anthem during General Session

Extreme Beam

Extreme Beam represents the next level of performance and technology combined. With their dynamic dance routines set to lasers, Extreme Beam has been featured on the X Factor, on stage with Jennifer Lopez, and at corporate special events around the world.