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Build your own experience implementing some of the components below!

Flying Pterodactyl

Sure, drones are becoming more ubiquitous these days, but how many of them resemble prehistoric dinosaurs? LNP now has an RC-controlled Pterodactyl, for those who want a unique, unmanned flying creature that not only takes your event to new heights, but also can document the reaction of your guests from the flying dinosaur’s perspective, with its onboard GoPro camera. Oh, and one more thing, it also emits the characteristic Pterodactyl squawk from the air, activated by the remote control, providing that extra wow factor!

Jurassic Park Jeep

Our Jeep symbolizes the journey your guests are about to embark upon, as they recall the chase scenes from the original film.

Raptor Cage

Put one of our walking dinosaur Raptors in the cage and have him break out during your event.

Animatronic Dinosaurs

Our animatronic dinosaurs boast realistic movements and sound in an impressive size.

Dinosaur Dig

Have your guests did for authentic fossils in your own archaeological dig site

Jurassic Park Gate

Jurassic Park Gate provides a realistic entrance and creates intrigue as to what lies beyond

Animatronic Dinosaurs

Walking Dinosaur

Our dinosaur performers are skilled puppeteers creating realistic movements from these magnificent creatures. When you hire a dinosaur performer, it also comes with a dinosaur handler/trainer dressed in safari attire to help facilitate audience interactions. They’ll engage your guests while leading the dinosaur around on a leash. Want to add an extra factor? Put our safari handlers on stilts!