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Sports Bar Games

22 Person Foosball 

This is just like the classic game where players pick a side and attempt to get a ball into their opponent’s goal, but now it allows for 11 Players on each side for a total of 22 possible player!

Air Hockey

An arcade classic that fits any event! Players will attempt to get the puck into their opponent’s goal.

Basketball Dunking Game 

This stand in place basketball game has two players attempt to score more points than their opponent by shooting basketballs into hoops!

14ft Shuffle Board

This is a great game where players attempt to push their colored discs over a marked area in order to score points! Easy to play and always enjoyable for any setting!

Dart Toss.

Another fun casual game where players throw darts at an electronic dartboard to earn points! Good for playing solo or with a friend!

Electronic Putting Green 

A quick and fun electronic game where the player attempts to get the golf ball into the hole!

Dance Dance Revolution

A classic rhythm game where either one or two players step on to a dance pad and has to press the buttons according to the screen using their feet!

Carnival Games

Golf Chipping

A fun caged game where players will attempt to sink their ball into the hole and we simulate everything in a computer with our special software!


An arcade game where players roll balls up into a hill and attempt to get it to jump into one of the holes to earn points!

Mechanical Bull

This game allows players to get on top of an electronic bull as it shifts and moves while they try to hold on for as long as possible

Custom Roll-a-ball / Horse Rase

A Game where participants roll balls into holes to race their piece to the finish line. Each piece can be done custom to the clients request.

Electronic Hi Striker 

An electronic version of the carnival staple. Players hit a pad with as much strength as possible in an attempt to ring a bell

Whac a bug

just like classic whac a mole, but instead with bugs as the intended target, as the targets pop out, you attempt to hit them to score points

Ring Toss 

A classic carnival favorite, the player attempts to throw a ring around the neck of a bottle

Bumper Cars

A fun ride that attendees get in and drive around and bump into each other just like the Full Size version on the midway.

Interactive Games

Bathtub Racers 

Inspired by classic sports cars, this battery powered bathtub racer features not one, but two powerful motors and sports steering geometry for precise handling.

Rock Wall

A fun piece where guests climb a large wall in a safety harness, grabbing on to colored rocks and attempt to ring the bell at the top! Fun for almost any age!

RC Truck Track Race

Another one of our micro racing games, this allows you to race going over hills as well which adds just a little bit more of a challenge for the players!

Inline Track RC Cars

This fun game lets participants race small cars using a button. A quick and fun game that will delight any guest!

Micro Reality Racing

A racing interactive where attendants can race RC cars on a track using an actual steering wheel to control their car!

Rock Band Deluxe

Just like our regular guitar set up, but it comes with two monitors, one for the audience and one for the player so it gives the look of a real on stage experience. Comes with real guitars and real stage truss’ and stage lighting for the authentic rock and roll experience!

Inflatable Giant Foosball 

Fun interactive game where participants get strapped into ropes and play an oversized version of the classic Foosball game!

Mini Golf

A fun game where attendants play on our custom built golf courses, great for families and friends to compete on!


Table games, including black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Poker Wheel of Fortune, are sure to engage your attendees in a fun environment.


Giant Plinko

A hugely popular game where players drop a disc or ball at the top of the game and watch as it falls to the bottom, and earn points depending on where it lands. We can even customize this as well so it’s branded for your event!

Giant Cornhole

Players will attempt to throw their small sand-sacks into the hole in the board of their opponent!

Chess and Checkers

Both board game classics, these massive renditions of the game add some flair to it by having players move the massive pieces instead of just sitting at a table and playing!

Giant Connect 4

Another oversized board game classic, players attempt to make a straight line of their color in order to win. We can also do custom branded discs!

Angry Birds 

A huge game where players can play a physical version of the popular phone app! This is a hugely popular attraction and tons of fun to play!

Giant Scrabble

Another fun game where players attempt to make words to earn points, just bigger!

Giant Beer Pong

Another great and popular game where players will use a volleyball to try and score on their opponent by shooting it into their giant “cups”

Giant Floor Shuffleboard

This game is tons of fun as well! Players attempt to move their disc across our massive Shuffleboard using their sticks to score points against their opponent!

Giant Dominoes

A fun experience where players can play a giant version of the popular table top game

Giant Dart Boards

A straight forward experience where players will throw darts at a huge dart board in an attempt to score more points than their opponent! Great for one player as well!

Giant Pac-Man

Not just like your ordinary pac man. Our giant pac man accommodates up to four players at the same time so they are playing against each other in a competition. The same board with the same rules as original with a new twist. You can eat your competitors! It's the ultimate battle with only one winner.